Monday, April 01, 2013

ProGen 14 - Finished! - What did I learn?

I can't believe it's over! Today was our last ProGen 14 talk.  Eighteen months of working through the book Professional Genealogy: A Manual for Researchers, Writers, Editors, Lecturers, and Librarians with accompanying assignments and chats has been a wonderful experience. We started out with a group of eight and lost three along the way. It is a lot of work but any real learning experience is a lot of work.  

What did I learn.   
  • First I learned that I have a lot to learn. As much as I know, there is always more to learn.   
  • Research takes a long time.  Doing it right takes a long time.  Writing good citations takes a long time. Writing for peer review takes a long time. It all takes a long time. 
  • I learned that letting others see what you have done can make it better.
  • I became a better researcher and writer.  
 I need to thank the following people for their dedication in making these groups happen.
  • Angela Packer McGhie - Administrator of ProGen
  • Rebecca Whitman Koford - coordinator ProGen 14
  • Linda Woodward Geiger, CG - mentor ProGen 14
 If you have any designs to become a certified genealogists or to do professional research, then you should become part of ProGen.  It is a great association of researchers.