Monday, March 12, 2012

1940s Technology for Women - Nylon Stockings - Soon to go the way of pantaloons and slips?

Nylon stockings are almost a thing of the past. Being of the "older" generation, I still wear them, but buying them is something else. Shelf space at the grocery store is shrinking daily. The younger generation, and by that I mean under 50, is hardly wearing them. Another technology soon to go the way of pantaloons and slips?

Women lined up to buy nylons in December 1945 (from the article "The Nylon Drama")
Nylon stockings were first invented by Charles Stine with Du Pont  in 1939. According to the Nylon Stocking Society nylon stockings were first offered for public sale in May 1940 at both The Expo on the West Coast and the World's Fair on the East Coast. Those first Nylons had a seam down the back and women were always checking to see if their seem was straight. During the war, Nylons were scarce and women would draw a seam down the back of their legs to simulate nylons. After the war, nylons were in such great demand that fights broke out in stores called the Nylon Riots. Unbelievable.

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Sue McPeak said...

What a great topic! I too still wear nylons in the form of panyhose and kneehighs...only when I absolutely have to. LOL!!! When I think of 1940's Nylons I always think about my first pair with seams and that contraption we used to hold them up. Good job...and nice Blog. I'm a new Follower. I hope you'll stop by CollectInTexas Gal and read my 1940's post....Sue

Michael Pierce said...

Nice posting. I really like the way you brought your topic into the current day!

I took a technology spin with my posting.

Good luck!

Debra Ann Elliott said...

Great post! I remember my mother wearing the one's with the seams in the back and attached to a garter belt. I couldn't wait until I was old enough to wear them just like her. By that time pantyhose was invented and I wore them for awhile, now it's knee highs for me. LOL